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Connecting Taiwanese Americans across generations through storytelling

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"My parents...were like lovebirds."

Peihuang shares her most vivid memory of her parents.

childhood, family, parents

How our parents reacted to our relationship

"They cannot get married."

Tien and Alex describe their parents' reaction to their engagement.

marriage, parents, romance

Little League

David recalls what it was like watching the Little League World Series as he grew up, and how baseball inspired the people of Taiwan.

childhood, Little League Baseball

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Our Taiwanese American Story collects and archives stories of Taiwanese Americans to preserve a collective history and to foster intergenerational and intercultural communication.

This project was created in the tafLabs program at the Taiwanese American Foundation 2016 Summer Conference. Our team began this project with the desire to preserve the stories and experiences of Taiwanese Americans. Drawing from other story platforms such as StoryCorps and First Days Project, we wanted to create an interactive archive where individuals can explore Taiwanese American history, identity, and community. Our Taiwanese American Story was also created to inspire greater intergenerational dialogue between individuals and their family members.

We are currently seeking – but are not limited to – stories from members of the Taiwanese diaspora who lived in Taiwan before 1987 and immigrated to America. In the future, we envision this archive will include the stories of Taiwanese Americans from all generations.

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