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Defining Identity

“It is my own belief that our own identity has to directly link to the place where we were born."

Futang describes how he defines identity.

identity, kids

My Mother's Roots

Shuhui researches her family ancestry on her mother's side.

aboriginal, history, identity

First Meeting

Married couple Tien and Alex share how they first met.

marriage, romance

A Father Son Conversation: Charles and Nicholas on challenges after immigration

"When you're young, you have no fear...95 bucks, that's all I have, but I feel I'm like the millionaire."

Charles shares with his son Nicholas the obstacles he faced after immigrating to the US from Taiwan.

education, immigration

"I think this is a really good country"

Bernie describes his experience as a racial minority in the Midwest.

culture, race

"I'm just like you"

Trent describes his experience growing up as a mixed race child in Taiwan.

childhood, identity

Raising kids in America

Bernie reveals what he finds most important in raising children.

family, kids

Why I moved to the US

Shuhui explains why she decided to move to the United States.

education, immigration

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