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"My parents...were like lovebirds."

Peihuang shares her most vivid memory of her parents.

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A Father Son Conversation: Charles and Nicholas on family values and legacies

"I was raised up from very traditional family...everything is focused study, study, and study...If I raise my family, I'm not going to be focused on purely just education."

Charles tells his son Nicholas the values and legacies that he wants to pass down in their family.

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A conversation with my mother

How would you describe the area you grew up?
I lived in the third largest city in Taiwan. It was a convenient and energetic environment.

How did you feel about leaving Taiwan?
I came to pursue higher education, so I was anxious to learn in school and did not plan to stay in the US for too long.


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Raising kids in America

Bernie reveals what he finds most important in raising children.

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