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What does your Taiwanese identity mean to you?

Tien describes how she passes on her Taiwanese identity to her son.

culture, identity, kids, Taiwanese language
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The Gold Star

When I was in 4th Grade, my classmates and I was given a gold star to write the name of a veteran relative. As a second-generation Chinese-Taiwanese American, it was clear I had no relatives that served in the U.S. military. However, my father mentioned my great-grandfather fought in World War...

identity, war

Defining Identity

“It is my own belief that our own identity has to directly link to the place where we were born."

Futang describes how he defines identity.

identity, kids

My Mother's Roots

Shuhui researches her family ancestry on her mother's side.

aboriginal, history, identity

"I'm just like you"

Trent describes his experience growing up as a mixed race child in Taiwan.

childhood, identity

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